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Friday, January 01, 2010

The first post

Welcome to my first post of the 2nd decade of the new millenium! It’s 2010. I have coined it “2010: the year for JEN”!!

I have worked the past 2 days at my 2nd job. Last night I came home and Alex and I rang in the New Year nice and quietly (with Sushi and cheesecake). Tonight we are headed to see Avatar in 3D (after dinner).  I wanted to quickly blog because part of my New Year’s Resolutions will be to blog regularly. I haven’t read blogs in a couple of days… I have sooooo many posts to catch up on in Google Reader tomorrow!

I have put thought into my Resolutions/Goals today while at work. I was going to post them tonight, but I think I want to fine tune them before I officially post them.

Back to reporting my food…

Breakfast: none, slept in

Snack: none, didn’t take anything to work and it was all junk food out around the Nursing Station… I managed to decline any of them

Lunch: THANK GOD FOR LUNCH! I was STARVING! I got a foot long veggie sub on whole wheat (cheddar cheese and mustard)… then I caved and ate about a 1” cube of butter fudge and 1 chocolate truffle

Snack: some air popped popcorn and a few handfuls of cheddar pop chips

Dinner: I have NO idea where we are going!!!

Happy 2010: the year for Jen! See you tomorrow!!!

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