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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I’m still here!

Hello.  Welcome to the end of another weekend!

You haven’t seen me since my WI on Thursday. I was up another pound. I deserved it.  I’ve got a lot going on in this pea brain lately… I will spare you the details. Nothing is an excuse for my lack of activity! 

I’ve eaten well this weekend, although have used some flex points (at least they were on healthy food – subway, clif bars, granola bars, healthy mexican pizza, air-popped popcorn).

I planned on jogging both days this weekend. It didn’t happen.  I did, however, do an ab workout this evening. It felt rather nice!

Here’s a shot of one of my protein n’ oat bars from last week. It’s pretty big for 1 bar (3pts).  I made them again tonight but didn’t have protein powder… and I added freeze dried strawberries. I think I miss the vanilla-y flavour the protein powder added.


Here’s today’s cereal. Some kashi vanilla shredded wheat, some pomegranate granola and some freeze dried strawberries.

DSCN4548 DSCN4549

Today’s food:

Breakfast: the above cereal & milk (7)

Lunch: air-popped popcorn (2), 1c grapes (1), 1/2 clif bar (2)

Dinner: my turkey sub!!! (12)

Total: 24

Water: 3L  woohoo!

I’m going to bed at 10pm… and waking up EARLY to jog. Yes sir!

It’s going to be a great week… because I will make it one! Join me, won’t you?

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