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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Photo Fun Time

I have taken some food photos the last few days… Here they are!

Pizza from the 23rd. It’s made with PC Blue Menu Pizza Crust and skim milk mozzarellaDSCN4305 DSCN4306

Yesterday’s oatmeal w/ banana, natural PB, flax seed and wheat germ and some egg whites w/ pepperDSCN4409 DSCN4411

Lunch was inspired by Amy – it’s Annie's mac n' cheese w/ broccoli, cauliflower & mushrooms. To be honest I found it a little bland but sea salt and pepper helped it out greatly!!DSCN4412 DSCN4414

I licked the plate clean!!        DSCN4417

After lunch I had an appleDSCN4418

Another snack was some of these babies!DSCN4420 DSCN4423

There you have it… yesterday in a nutshell.  I’ll be back later for a recap of today!  Happy last day of vacation (for many of us)!


Tricia said...

Mmmm....your pizza made me hungry :)

Anonymous said...

daxw m & ez 07