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Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Last Day

Boohoo, it’s the last day of vacation. BUT, in keeping with my 2010 Goals I am looking on the bright side and being thankful that tomorrow marks the first day back on routine. Back to LOSING weight.

Today started out with a ww bagel (2), 1tbsp PB (2) and a banana (2) – but I gobbled it up before I could take a photo!

Lunch was a vegan pizza type thing. It was 2 ww tortillas (2), avocado (3), tomato (0) and black beans (0)

DSCN4428 DSCN4430

I had an apple (1) and some air popped popcorn (2)… and then later had a smoothie with some frozen fruit (1), 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder (1).  I also added some beets (0) and some guar and xanthan gums and some berry Amazing Grass(0)… I tried it over the holidays and it made the smoothie super thick.  Today it didn’t really make the smoothie thick… but made a lot of it. I ended up only having half of it (and half is in the freezer for at work tomorrow!). I don’t think I was a huge fan of the beets… I could taste them (luckily, I like beets).


Dinner was fish (1), a baked sweet potato (3) and some steamed spinach, mushrooms & tomatoes in garlic (0)


I also had some banana soft serve (2) but the photo didn’t turn out so great, so I deleted them.  I forgot about my snack today too… yes, another snack. It was 2pc ww bread (1), PB (2) and marshmallow fluff (2)

So, my goal is to eat clean and healthy… I almost did that today I would say!

How did I do for my 2010 goals? No exercise today… unless cleaning counts. I couldn’t rid myself of my headache most of the day.  I did drink 4L of water. I took my vitamins. I haven’t washed my face tonight… YET.

Today I am grateful for my shift at job #2 getting cancelled and being able to spend my last official day of vacation RELAXING!!

Happy Monday to all!!

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