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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Oh Weekend, Where Art Thou?

Happy Hump day!

I am SO ready for the weekend. The first week back to work after nearly 3 weeks off is TOUGH.  I slept in AGAIN today. It was slightly easier to wake up though than it was yesterday. I have decided this is my week to get eating back on track and next week will be adding activity back in. I am OFF on the weekend and plan to get on the treadmill with some chick flicks AND I do want to start Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred!

So… today started out with the same banana oatmeal I’ve had all week (6) – just refer back to old posts to see photos!

Next, I had a smoothie well, 1/2 smoothie (1)

Lunch was a spinach & veggie salad (0)


Topped with my new fave tuna salad – this time it was a whole tin of tuna instead of 1/2 tin (3) with mustard & relish & black pepper (0)

Here’s how it looks before I mix it upDSCN4461 …. and after:DSCN4462

I threw a granny smith apple in for my dessert:DSCN4465

I had an Apple Larabar for afternoon snack (3) – yep, apple Larabar is only 3pts!

Dinner was ever so boring… Weight Watcher toast (1) topped with salsa (0) & black beans (2)DSCN4467

Dessert was a spoonful of natural PB (2)

I managed 4L of water today.

I did not exercise today.

I have washed my face tonight.

I WILL get 8hrs of sleep tonight (bedtime in 40min!)

I took my vitamins today.

No sweating any small stuff today (some annoyance, but what can you do? I just try to let it go… it doesn’t affect me directly!)

Finally on the 2010 goals list… Today I am grateful for no snow while driving home, my H20 mop, the new Pledge Fabric Sweeper, and for my Uncle… who is only an email away and very willing to answer some banking questions I had for him today. He’s a wonderful Uncle!

I leave you with some gum I bought the other day and which I absolutely LOVE… the flavour is yummy and lasts the entire time I chew it (I swear, they aren’t paying me)!!  It’s Trident Layers!

DSCN4475 DSCN4476

Oh… and some new tea I plan to try this weekend!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I want the weekend to be here too, this week is always the hardest (and worst) week of the year for me.

I haven't had relish in years, looks good with the tuna. Mmm!