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Monday, January 04, 2010

Stellar Day!

Happy Monday. Happy back-to-work day. I work late Mondays so I had the morning off… one last day of sleeping in (until the weekend!).  Slept in I did… until 9!!!  I NEVER sleep that late!

I managed a short jog today. First one in almost 2 weeks.  At least I did it… and felt happier afterwards for having done it!

I have gone to work and come home and prepared lunch, snacks and smoothie for tomorrow (smoothie is in the freezer to be taken out in the morning). Dishes are done and after blogging (and reading all of your fabulous blogs!!!) I will wash my face (as per my New Years Resolutions).  Tomorrow night I will have to work on getting to bed earlier to get 8hrs of sleep!!

Today started out with oats (2), banana (2) & PB(2) with some wheat germ and flax seed (0)… followed by 2 egg whites (0)



Lunch was 1/2c quinoa (2), tomatoes (0) & 1/4c black beans (1)

DSCN4455 DSCN4457

At work I had the other half of the smoothie from yesterday (1) and a granny smith apple (1)

Dinner (no photos!) was a spinach salad with veggies (0) and avocado (3)… I crushed some ripened tomatoes to have as dressing (instead of salsa) (0)… and an apple pie Larabar (3)

Total: 17

Water: 4L

Happy Tuesday!