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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Where's that saddle again?

Oops... didn't get on the treadmill today. I don't know what is up with my stomach issues. This morning my oatmeal didn't exactly digest well. Who knows what's going on. I'll ride it out for a bit. Needless today, when you're making emergency washroom visits, the last place you want to be is on the treadmill!!!

Here's what I ate today:
BF - oatmeal (2), yogurt(1)
Snack - 100 calorie pack (2)
Lunch - romaine (0), tuna (1), cheese (1), cucumbers and tomato (0), italian drsg (0), hot pepper relish (0), kiwi yogurt (1), apple (1), granola bites (2), 100 calorie pack (2)
Dinner - lemon baked salmon filet at boston pizza (6) - from their alternatives menu. It was really really good... and LOW POINTS! it's the salmon filet and steamed veggies and mixed greens with a low fat raspberry vinegrette... according to the nutritional information on the website it's 6 points! And if I could count all 7 grams of fibre it would only be 5 points!
Snack - 100 calorie cookies (2)

Happy Hump day! I will cross my fingers we all get our exercise in!

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