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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday of no exercise!

Okay... my intentions for today were good. Eat well, clean, laundry, bake and ice my cake for Tuesday's class, Biggest Loser workout, treadmill, out for the afternoon with Alex and Chicklet to the park... now that I think about it - I was definitely far too ambitious!

I actually did get everything done MINUS the biggest loser workout and treadmill. I literally spent about 4 hours on cleaning/cooking/baking... plus an hour walk with Alex and Chicklet... and about an hour of lounging on the couch just watching TV with Alex (even then I got up intermittently to do things... to which I heard "You don't know how to just relax, do you?". He's right... I can't relax when there is stuff to get done!

I have been proactive and made my lunch for tomorrow already (or dinner rather, since I work late tomorrow). One less thing to do in the morning so I may devote time to exercise!

Finally, time to get BACK to posting my intake!
BF - egg (2), egg whites (0), blue menu ketchup (0), oatmeal (2)
Lunch - 12" veggie subway (10)
Dinner - 4 shrimps (0), sauce (0), ww bread (1), turkey bacon x4 slices (3), 4 swiss ff cheese slices (2)
Snack - smartpop 100cal pack (1)

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