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Thursday, April 10, 2008

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Good luck to all weighing in today... or any other day for that matter. But really good luck to Tara and myself!!

Welcome to Arin... a reader I had NO IDEA I had! I thought only Tara and Alex read my blog... now I better watch what I say and better stay a little more accountable and on track here!! I have found Wegman's to be a GREAT store to shop in when in the US... they have so many groceries! I always stock up on flatout bread there. The vitalicious muffins are also at Wegman's... however, I get them here in Ontario at Sobey's or Walmart Supercentres. They're in the freezer section around the ogranic or vegetarian stuff typically. Hopefully you find them!

I wasn't around yesterday because apparently I am a sucker. I got a call from SickKids while at my day job. They were desperate for someone to work the evening... I have a soft spot in my heart for them there... so I left the day job, dropped in at home to grab some dinner... then worked there until MIDNIGHT. I am TIRED today but am about to try to jump on the treadmill.

As for weighing in this week... I will be glad to maintain if at all possible. I don't think I can lose. I ate too much all weekend and haven't had enough activity this week to make up for it. LUCKILY I worked with the wonderful Jen (RN) last night who hasnt' seen me in ages and she made a HUGE deal about how great I looked (as much of a deal as you can quietly make about losing weight when you work with Eating Disorder patients)... she went on and on and told me I'm motivating her... she's going to go buy the biggest loser workout... that was it. I was so ready to get active again after that. She was the person I needed to remind me how far I've come and how I have to keep going and reach goal before the weddings!!! I think I just needed to hear it from her because it was great to hear it from someone I don't see every week (or month even). Maybe I'm odd... but really, whatever works to get my motivation back!

Enough killing time on here. I've gotta hit the treadmill!!!

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