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Thursday, April 17, 2008


I am slow at this today because my computer at work wouldn't let me upload a photo! damn the computers. damn all the computers!


For those who don't know it already... Tara is the most amazing friend you could ever ask for. She is so NOT judgmental and is always there for you to cheer you up... bring you back to reality... encourage you... help you see on the bright side of things... and is an all around great person who anyone and everyone can count on. She means the world to me... and I happen to know she means the world to my family - including my aunt and her family and my uncle... and my grandparents! I just can't wait to share in her 30th special year with her. I know it will be the best one ever... because that's the least she deserves!!

On the WI front. i was up 0.4lbs. Time to get back at it hardcore again. Weddings aren't far away!!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

*sniff, sniff :) Aw, thanks Jen. You know you mean the same to me!! You've made my day, even though I'm now too old to remember what I did throughout the day!!!
I can't wait until you join me in the 30 can share in the fun!
Love ya!!!