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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've been Summoned

So, I was summoned to jury panel. I spent my day today at the 361 University courthouse. Care to know the excitement of my day? Sitting and reading my book. I literally sat in a room... in a chair... with about 75 people all around me... and I read my book. There was no action today. I didn't get called. I didn't get sent home. I ready my book ("Babyproof" - not bad so far! I like chick-lit though). Guess where I'll be the next 2 days as well - the same freaking place. It's exhausting sitting in a room with poor air circulation for 8 long... LONG hours. There's no TV... you can't leave (except for 1hr at lunch or to use the restroom for a "5min break").... it's a long freaking day. I get paid from work... but I don't even know if I get my full pay. That would totally suck if I don't. I should look into that!

My activity was NIL today. I had to leave here at 7am... which meant no time for the treadmill. Tonight I was exhausted AND I have cramps... I never get cramps... who knows what is up!

here's what I ate today though:
BF - fibre 1 bar (2), yogurt (1)
Lunch - salad (0) with chicken (3) and balsamic (2), 100 calorie pack x2 (4)
Snack - edamame (0), 100 calorie pack (2) - note my stuff today was things that were easy to pack and disposable
Dinner - tuna with FF miracle whip (2)... 100 calorie packs x3 (6)

what is up with me and 100 calorie packs today?

I'm going to be up this week... I'm bloated, I'm crampy... i ate and drank too much on the weekend (but it was worth it!). I have chosen to have this weekend off (no sickkids) and stay in town to concentrate on getting myself back on track. It's do or die time. I don't even know if I'll go to WI tomorrow... depending on when I leave downtown and how I'm feeling when i finally get home. It's going to be another VERY LONG DAY!

Monday I did my BL workout and treadmill... yesterday i did treadmill... but that is the extent of this week's activity. Oh well!!! One day at a time... no guilt... move on!

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