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Sunday, April 06, 2008

RIP great weekend

That's the big smile on my face after a great weekend (NOT foodwise). The smile has faded as the weekend comes to a close.

Friday was a sick day from work... but really, a mental health day. Stacey and I went to Lifefest and got a million free samples of stuff. We left there and headed to the LCBO and grabbed some Wild Vines blackberry merlot (good stuff! we sampled it at lifefest) and some naked grape... and beer. We then wandered over to swiss chalet to get dinner and head back to my place. We had dinner... ran up my stairs (Stac wanted to try 15 flights) - we're odd... then had some drinks. Around 11pm we decided we're NOT OLD and we would venture out (we were half way to bed when we decided this). so, off to the firken pub we go for a couple more beers... we took a cab to pizza nova, grabbed pizza (at 1am) and walked back to my place.

Saturday - hair cut first thing in the morning (just a trim for me). Stacey got a cut and ended up getting highlights. While waiting for her I walked around the mall and a lady approached me and asked if I wanted my make up done (this was in the Bay... and it was a Clinique lady who approached me) because they were doing complimentary make ups and the morning was really slow... so, while waiting for stac i got my make up done! at some point sickkids called and asked me to work that evening and I agreed. Once stac was done with her hair we walked around the mall, got some lunch... and she headed home. I worked saturday evening.

Today - got up, went grocery shopping (bought a whole bunch of organic products at shoppers. new "Nativa" organic line is the same price as regular groceries, so i decided to give it a try)... came home and did cleaning... then alex came and got me and we went for sushi and then he took me to sheridan nurseries and got me pretty flowers for all over my apartment for spring!!! they're pink gerbera daisies and some other pink flowers and a leafy plant... my apartment is so pretty (and clean! i cleaned hard this morning). after we came home and dropped off the plants we grabbed chicklet and drove to a park near alex's house and walked chicklet for an hour in the nice afternoon sun/warmth. She was in heaven. We came home and spent the evening relaxing! I have made my lunches for the next few days and the dishes are done... and I'm ready for bed.

So... the long and the short of it is there was limited activity (although walking ALL DAY friday must count for something... and being on the go for most of the day today too).... and i ate way toooo much friday and saturday (including alcohol on friday).

I'm so not ready to head back to work.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and the upcoming week is GREAT! Today my food has been back under control and I have much more confidence in my abilities this week than last week at this time. yay. also - tuesday night my cake decorating class starts!

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