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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why I don't jog at night

Why don't I jog at night? The answer is simple... It NEVER happens! Life gets in the way in the evenings. I like the freedom to stop at my "other" office (where I proudly hold the title of "Office Manager"... much to the dismay of the lawyer who runs said office). I also sometimes get calls in the evening and enjoy catching up with people rather than actually get on the treadmill (tonight it was Stacey... who is recovering from a rather painful operation).

I woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed today at 5:50am! The problem? I got doing other things 'quickly' before I jogged... before I knew it, I was running late. I also have to admit, I'm NOT enjoying jogging. My shins are hurting and I'm tired (the darkness in the morning isn't helping). I will keep getting up early and trying. I know it's hard to find your 'groove' after being off for a month. My shins need to be reconditioned into runners mode again... but I will keep plugging away. My new goal? That ticker above ↑ ... I want to reach it by Christmas and look GOOD for parties. My new challenge? Get weekends under control again... and get back to my hardcore activity.

So, last night I decided to make one of those yummy looking "Breakfast cookies" I've seen out there in blog land. It started with mixing 1/3c oats, 1tbsp natural PB and 1/2 scoop protein powder (I only have vanilla on hand). Then I mixed it all up and added 1/8c skim milk and 1/4 mashed banana... as well as a sprinkle of unsweetened coconut... then spread it out on a small plate to be like a big 'cookie' (and sprinkled cinnamon on it). You put it in the fridge over night and the oats soak up the moisture... then you eat it with a spoon in the morning. Maybe that's what got me springing out of bed this morning. I was excited to try it!! *crap. I had a photo of the finished product but blogger won't upload it*

On to what I ate today...
BF - breakfast cookie (4)
Snack - apple (1)
Lunch - 1/2c quinoa (2), edamame (0), veggies (0), tuna (1), yog (1), apple and cinnamon (1)
Snack - clif bar (5)
Dinner - egg (2), egg whites (0), cheese (3), veggies (0)
Total: 20pts
Water: 4L

Happy hump day! I'm off to finish tomorrow's lunch, do the dishes... and get this big bum to bed!!

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