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Friday, September 04, 2009

Today is the first day...

... of the rest of my weight loss.

I have been OFF program for a good 3 weeks now. I didn't go to weigh in last night... I was 'sick' from work and found myself in Hamilton babysitting Simon (what a GREAT day!). The week in Vegas I didn't track what I ate. The week after I didn't track while in Pontypool. Last week was a half-assed attempt at tracking. I am now back to my own place (sadly, not totally unpacked yet)... and have been for almost a week. Despite the fact that I'm working every day this long weekend... I'm going to be back on track. No more missing weigh in... back to the plan of getting to goal weight (and STOP paying for WW!).

You'll see me back here posting my food and all about my morning jogs... and evening activity (as well as lunch time walks). Maybe this will be the month I look into finally *trying* hot yoga!

So... as you as my witness. This is it. I am back!!! I hope to have my sleeping back on track too. Last night I fell asleep around 10:30... was back up before midnight... then couldn't get back to sleep until 4am! What's up with my sleeping? I either fall asleep early and then wake in the night (and can't get BACK to sleep)... OR, I can't fall asleep until really late. I guess I will have to make melatonin a part of my evening routine for a while and see if that helps.

Let's recap this week's goals, shall we?
1. Eat healthy (have a menu plan done)
2. TRACK everything I put in my mouth
3. jog at least 4 days
4. lunch time walks again
5. remember to take my vitamins (which, I did this week!)
6. Get back to using face wash every day (yes, I slack - just used water on some days... but I don't wear make up so it's not so bad)
7. Take melatonin every night
8. Do cardio max (BL DVD) 2-3 times
9. Research yoga (and hot yoga) prices and class times
10. Unpack and get organized!!

There... sounds like some nice, realistic goals... no?

Care to know today's menu?
Breakfast: 2pc Ezekeil cinnamon raisin toast (2) w/ becel spray (0) and cinnamon (0)... because I read an article by Dr. Oz saying cinnamon can cut sweets cravings. Bring on the cinnamon!
Snack: really small pear and small nectarine (1), jasmine green tea (0)
Lunch: WW soup, 2c (2), nectarine (1), yogurt (1)
Snack: banana larabar (4)
Dinner (planned): Mexican pizza... 1 PC multigrain crust (6), black beans, corn, onion (0), chicken breast (1), cheese (3)... banana soft serve dessert (2)
(Possible) snack at the movies, popcorn from home: 3
(planned) total: 26 - not bad for a Friday!

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