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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 2 off from work!

I love having weekends to myself! I have already been to the grocery stores (superstore and costco) and done a few things around home... and now I'm heading out with Alex to run some errands.

Today (so far) via photo summary ...
Breakfast... a big bowl of sunshineAnd some 'raw revolution' organic bar. A girl at work gave me another flavour to try once and it wasn't so bad, so I bought one at Ambrosia yesterday. I can't say I care for this one. I only ate half (if that)Lentil chili currently in the slow cooker... and smelling good already!Some findings today... An entire CASE of Clif bars for only $9.99 at superstore! These things are normally around $2 EACH... this is a case of 12 of them! I had to take advantage of the sale.Kashi cereal from Costco... I've never tried this one before, but my rule is generally if it's Kashi... then I like it!

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