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Sunday, September 13, 2009


I don't know where the week went. I was feeling the effects of not having a day off in almost 2 weeks... and only having 1 day off in almost 3 weeks. No jogs last week. Eating... not so bad. Back to tracking at least.

Yesterday was a day in Pontypool... my parents have Simon right now (while his parents are in Switzerland checking out Jacob's job offer... sucks, I know. They might move to Switzerland). Poppa Jim came down to visit for the afternoon... so Alex and I headed out there too. It was a great day. It was also nice that on the way home Alex admitted he sees why it's so hard for me to stay on track in Pontypool... it's treats o' plenty around there! You find yourself putting them in your mouth without even realzing you are.

Today was going to consist of some fun shopping together... but we're both tired. I'm actually spending the day at my place. I honestly don't know the last time I did this... spend a day at home. I'm sure I need it! I have done my grocery shopping and put it all away... had breakfast and lunch... done a teeny bit of cleaning... now I think I might have some quality couch time before a nice, quality jog!

Oh... PS. Gained 7lbs in the 4wks since I had last weighed in. OOPS!!! My new mantra? 'eat every day like it's your last... before weigh in'. I guess I didn't live up to that yesterday. Back at it today though.

Remind me later to tell you about the SOOOOOO GOOD dinner I made on Friday!!

Happy fall!

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