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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Enter FALL!

I know it's sad summer is over until next year... but I am feeling ready for fall! The entrance into fall is just so pretty! Just look at fall in Pontypool...

Bring on the cool weather and the nights of soup and tea!!
Remember Fall Harvest Soup?
So, today's plan is to just enjoy NOT working... perhaps a leisurely jog later, maybe a window shopping trip to Costco... who knows! I'll just enjoy a weekend off!

Last night was FREEZING at the Jays' game. The roof of the dome was open and my fingers were so cold I thought they would fall off! I ordered the healthiest dinner I could find. Chicken breast with grilled veggies on a white kaiser bun (white bread... but what can you do?). I added some ketchup, mustard and hot peppers. It was really good! Alex and I also shared a small bag of Miss Vickie's sea salt and malt vinegar chips... On the way home we stopped at Starbucks for a hot drink. ALL I could think about was a hot chocolate. I haven't had one in at least a year... it was sooooo good! I shouldn't have ordered it though... upon researching it when I got home I discovered my grande hot chocolate was 11 POINTS!! Thank goodness for the Weekly Points Allowance!!!

I'm off to get organized for the day. I had planned this week's menus a few days ago, but I took it to work and forgot it there... so today will involve planning menus and then tomorrow morning will grocery shop accordingly! Hooray for saving money!!

Happy Saturday!

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