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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Where does the weekend go?

Let's try this again. When I've tried posting earlier this weekend it didn't work out... but i'll cross my fingers for this time. Let's recap my extended weekend. It started Friday with horrible weather, my ATTEMPT to get to work (but not even able to make it to the highway), so an hour and a half to get around the corner resulted in me turning around and coming home (when cars aren't making it up the hills around my place, it makes it hard to get to work). This was the view from here:

so, Friday was spent eating way too much and baking 4 dozen cupcakes for the engagement party.

Saturday I went on the treadmill and then we went to mom and dad's for dinner with them and Kristen... then off to the engagement party.

Today was spent being LAZY and STILL eating too much. I did some cleaning and grocery shopping... and otherwise have been on the couch.

I've eaten far too much to be able to post what I've had... let's just say, I really want to lose 0.8lbs at LEAST this week and i'm DEFINITELY NOT on my way to accomplishing that at this point. It was a tough weekend... but I can still get myself on track for the rest of the week and hopefully still pull off a lose. It will mean treadmill every morning... but it will be worth it.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a wonderful week! My busy weekend is over and I'll be back to posting every day (including MENUS!!!)

1 comment:

Tara said...

Good job on the loss this week. You are a machine lately!!
How did the cupcakes turn out? Mmmm, can I have one??
Did Kristen tell you that I saw her on Saturday night at the armouries?
Good luck with treadmill time this week.