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Saturday, February 09, 2008

New Food Finds! New 100 calorie packs to Canada!

So, I'm at Walmart yesterday and look what I came across!!!

Tara - I immediately thought of you, because I know you like crackers!!!

Here's what I ate yesterday:
BF - 2/3c smart bran (1), 8 almonds (1), 20 g raisins (1), 1/2c skim milk (1)
Lunch - salad with veggies (0), cheese (1), tuna (1), hellmans spritzer (0), apple (1), yogurt (1), yogos watermelon flavour (2)
Snack - cadbury thins with ALMONDS - a new kind of cadbury thins for me! (2)
Dinner - salad with egg, but I took out half the egg white (1), cheese (2), kalamata olives (1), croutons (2), 3 tbsp ff italian (0), 6 slices edge veggie (6)
Snack (during Paradise Hotel with Alex!)- sour patch kids (3)

Today's plan is (in no particular order) - cleaning, baking cupcakes and cake, treadmill, quality time on my couch with chick flicks! I've already been grocery shopping (i love going first thing in the morning before it gets busy).

So far today I've had (and I will update throughout the day):
BF - strawberries and pineapple (1), ww bagel (2), 1 tbsp light jif PB (2)

With any luck... I'll be at my goal weight and look like this for Tara's wedding!!:

HAHA! Thank you Hilary Duff for the TEMPORARY body double!!!

And... one more photos for fun!

Do we look at all alike?

Happy Saturday everyone - yay for the weekend!!!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Wow, I really need to get to a Walmart soon! That's a lot of good stuff :) And your body is looking super hot! I hope I look like that at the wedding too. I've got some work to do...probably involves more than typing on my couch while watching TV :)