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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh, the pain! (but it's the good kind)

Well, I was down 4.2lbs!! So, I've lost all but 0.4 of the pounds I gained over the past 2 weeks. I think I have The Biggest Loser DVD to thank!

This morning, despite my very sore and pained legs (thanks Bob Harper!), I still went on the treadmill for just 30min. I think my new love/hate relationship will be with "jumping lunges" - those things are killer!

Here's what I've had today:
BF - egg (2), cottage cheese (2)
Lunch - bagel (2), granola bites (2)
Dinner - SUBWAY (12), 100 cal (2), cadbury thins (2)

That's it, I'm DONE for the day! No more eating!!!

Tara - I found the hot pepper relish beside the regular relish at Loblaws! It's by bicks, it's in a clear jar and it looks red. It was good... and quite a kick it has to it!!

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