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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vacation OVER!

My week off is over after today... but also, my WW vacation is OVER. Today it is back to the grind. This week it is back to morning jogs... it is back to tracking what I eat.

I'm so over getting on the scale and it being up every single DAY and me not caring... and not tracking what I eat. I know what this leads to (I'm seeing it first hand all over again).

That is it. Today I commit to getting back to daily blogging, tracking everything I eat, and back to exercise.

After all, not only do I have TWO weddings I'm in come September... ANOTHER friend just got engaged and is looking at a fall wedding!!! If ever I should have motivation, it is now.

Today I am back to being a loser... every single day! Today I plan to eat well and exercise... as well as run some errands. I will be back later to update what I have eaten and what I did to exercise!

What I ate today:
BF - flatout wrap (1), 1tbsp light cheez whiz (1), 1 hard boiled egg with only 1/2 the egg white (1), 2 slices turkey bacon (1), apple (1)
Snack while grocery shopping - cadbury thins with almonds (2)
Lunch - salad (0) with lobster meat stuff (2), cheese (1), 3 tbsp ff italian (0), 3 dill pickles (0), SF pudding (1), 100cal (2)
Snack (again!) - SF pudding (1), SF jello (0), 100 cal x2 (4)
Dinner (planned) - grilled balsamic mushrooms (0), kale (0), salmon fillet (2), 100cal (2)

None yet (but that will change by the end of the day!)

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