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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I dream of being a big loser

... that's not going to happen this week. I haven't worked hard enough and I didn't resist enough temptations on the weekend (given my lack of activity). I am also dealing with bloatedness tonight... even if i weren't bloated I would be up... but being bloated is definitely not helping matters!

Today I went on the treadmill, went to sickkids with stac and her little princess, left there and came up to costco.... stac and i both bought the biggest loser dvd set AND bought a box of chocolate bars each (100 cal coffee crisps AND almond thins), then divided them up to get 12 of each. We've made a pact that we won't eat more than 2 chocolate bars a week (i will use this blog as evidence of said pact). we then went to mongolian grill for dinner... i resisted all chinese/fried foods. i had grilled chicken and vegetables... NO carbs (except the FRUIT i had for dessert)... and seaweed salad. my only concern is the teriyaki sauce and the amount of sodium in it... oh well. what's done is done! i'm already just moving on to next week.

since i'm off work tomorrow (i'm on "vacation" this week, but only have tomorrow to myself... friday i'm working at sickkids and possibly doing cpr all bloody weekend... although i may put that off until march), i'm going to work my butt off for a last chance workout before weigh in. chances are i will be up... but it will still help me prepare for next week's WI!

Here's what I ate today:
BF - oatmeal (2), 1/3c smart bran (0), 20 g raisins (1), egg (2)
Lunch - whole tin of tuna (2), cup of soup (1)
Dinner - mongolian grill... hmmm... chicken (2), vegetables (0), teriyaki sauce (0 - according to ww guidelines!), wakame seaweed salad (3?), crabmeat (1), fruit pieces (1), 2 jello cubes (1?)

Happy weekend, Tara!! Enjoy your roadtrip! and GOOD LUCK tomorrow!!!

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