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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Night of Brotherly Love (and not a dry eye in sight!)

What a night on TV! It was LEGENDARY!!! Don't anyone out there (who watched The Biggest Loser) try to tell me you didn't CRY your EYES OUT at the end. How sad was that? To think, there was one point where I wasn't crazy about Mark... but he was so great tonight. The whole blue team has a brotherly love unlike any team I've ever seen on TBL. When they were in Vegas, having the time of their lives, I was just so happy for them! Then cried my eyes out at the end of the show (no matter how much I tried to remind myself nobody was dying, it was just a show... even Allison Sweeney got teary eyed!). THEN, if you were flipping back and forth to Big Brother like I was - more chaos on that show. Quite possibly the most exciting show I've ever seen for it too.... 2 girls taken out for medical attention, big fight... crazy.

Exercise was not happening today. I had to leave for work an hour earlier today (and tomorrow) because I'm in training for 2 days to become the certified Joint Health and Safety rep at my office... which means NO exercise in the morning. I wanted to do the biggest loser workout tonight... but I had to work from home for one of my part time jobs. Tomorrow I hope to make a few calls for parent groups, get that done and over with... and get the biggest loser workout done!

Here's what I ate today:
BF - ww bagel (2) - psst, I'm officially out of US bagels. That is okay - more room in my tiny freezer!. 1/2 tbsp light JIF (1), all bran bites (1)
Lunch - salad (0), egg (2), turkey bacon (1), allegro cheese (1), balsamic spritzer (0), yogurt (1), apple (1), 100 calorie pack (2)
Snack - jello (0), carrots (0), hummus (1), ww bread (1), 1 tbsp salsa cream cheese (1)
Dinner - ww bagel (2), morningstar farms spicy black bean burger (2), cheese slice (1), blue menu ketchup (0), ff cottage cheese and fruit cup (2), fibre 1 bar (2)

Happy Hump day!!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Yeah, what was up with Biggest Loser?? I too, had to remind myself that nobody had died!!! I've never seen such emotional men before this blue team. WEird!
Food looks great today. Spicy black bean burger sounds good...was that a US buy? Did I get some? I'll have to dig around in my freezer and see what I can find :)
And yes, our 30th B-day trip may have to be on hold! A shopping trip sounds fun though!!