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Monday, February 04, 2008

Same Crap, Different Monday!

This was me on the weekend:

This is me today:

I did get on the treadmill today... but I know I could have worked harder. I then went to work, listened to people whine and complain... then met Alex after work for a candy-run to Shopper's (for him, not me!), then came home and made my lunch and dinner for tomorrow's long day.

Here's what I ate today (I cut back today to try to accomodate for how much I ate on the weekend... may not be smart, but it helped me keep my sanity):
BF - 2/3c smart bran (1), 1/2c milk (1), 20 g raisins (1)
Lunch - gardennay soup, 1c (2), 1/2 c ff cottage cheese and fruit (2), ww bagel (2), 2 tbsp lactantia spinach and feta cream cheese (1)
Snack - carrots (0), Wendy and Barb's Skinny Dips Baba Ganosh, 2 tbsp (1), cup a soup spring vegetable (1)
Dinner - 1/2c chick peas (2), allegro cheese (1), cucumbers and grape tomatoes and red peppers and green onion (0), 3 tbsp ff italian (0), apple (1), 100 calorie doritos (2)

I'm sooooo ready for bed!! Happy Tuesday everyone - make it a good one!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Your cupcakes sound awesome! Now I really want one! But I definitely don't need it...that's for sure.
The wedding plan is so far the same one we talked about on the phone. I'm meeting with my parents on the weekend though so we'll see if anything changes!
L and Little P and I are going for some preliminary dress shopping for me on Friday so that will be fun!
Your food looks good. AND you got on the treadmill. What a day! I'm sure you'll get that 0.8 at this rate :)
How did the engagement party go???