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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I am so lazy this week... it is unbelievable. First we had Halloween, then a wedding, then my birthday... the eating was the worst it's been in a LONG time. I have zero desire or energy to keep track of what I'm having or what I'm eating. I haven't written anything down in a week.

Well, I've decided to move forward. My birthday week ends tomorrow. Time to get back on track as of Friday. Alex and I are going to dinner... but I can be healthy. We don't need to get dessert (we did that on Monday)... Tara is coming Saturday. We can be healthy together (my fellow subway-lover!)... I can save my points for drinks... and can go on the treadmill Friday AND Saturday.. This can work!

I've love to plan to lose 3lbs a week until Christmas... I realize that isn't realistic, but if I aim high then maybe that will motivate me. Lose 20lbs by Christmas? I was losing about 3lbs a week before Easter... I know what I have to do. Now that the weddings and my birthday are over with... time to focus (can you hear my trying to convince myself? My real attitude this week is that I don't care and want to be able to eat anything I want).

Anyway, here's a photo from the weekend! I'll be back tomorrow with the very bad results of WI (but at least that means i'll have an even greater loss next week, right?). I thought about not going at all... but I bought a 6 month pass so if I don't go, it's like I'm losing out on a week I already paid for... so, there's no harm in going. My weight is my weight... whether I go or not.

Okay, as I said... here's a photo:

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