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Thursday, November 06, 2008

I resolve

So, I was up 5.8lbs tonight. I earned every last ounce of it. I would like to thank the great Halloween candy, the great food and copious drinks at Steph's wedding, the lovely dinner and desserts (and leftover Halloween candy) on Sunday... and my birthday dinner (and dessert) on Monday. I couldn't have gained almost 6lbs without any of you.

Tonight, as my reward, I have thoroughly enjoyed my footlong turkey subway.

I was thinking... I need to make some resolutions. I don't need to wait until January. Why not start them now? 3 days into being 30yrs old (I still can't believe that's how old I am).
1. remember to take my vitamins every night
2. take melatonin every night
3. get to sleep by 1:30
4. get 7-8hrs of sleep a night
5. go on the treadmill in the morning
6. lose weight again

I think these are realistic resolutions.

Happy Friday!

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