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Monday, November 24, 2008

3 day wrap up!

Well, I survived the weekend. The bad news? I did eat some chocolate covered almonds... some cookies... some cadbury thins... the good news? I could have done a LOT worse. I still have some damage control to do this week, but all in all... I'm getting better with my weekends away. Now I won't have one again for a while.

No treadmill today. I got up early with the intention of going on it (but had to be in Ajax by 8:15am today... rather than my Monday morning off), but had a headache when I got up... tried to get on the treadmill but I couldn't tolerate it and laid back down for a bit. Tonight I tried to get on again... but was dragging my feet so bad I almost tripped (first aid and CPR training today = exhausting).

After work today I took the scenic route home and ended up at the new store a couple of blocks away at my closest mall. What is that store?

I had ZERO intention of buying anything... but alas, it's impossible to enter that store and come out empty handed. So, I got a few holiday soaps:

As for what I ate today?
Breakfast: fell back asleep, no time to eat before having to leave early
Lunch: salad (0) with cheese (1), turkey pepperette (1), 3tbsp ff italian (0), yogurt (1), clementines (1), baby carrots (0)
Snack: PB (1), fluff (1)
Dinner: flatout (1), cheese (2), tuna (2), ff miracle whip (1), margarine (1), popcorn (2), skinny cow (2), candy cane (1)
Total: 18
Water: 3L (and counting)

Tomorrow the goal is to get up early and on the treadmill, then out to CPR early again, then a massage tomorrow night!!

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