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Monday, November 17, 2008

My weekend via photo summary

Chicken Chili (photo is not my actual chili)

Then watching ELF (tis the season after all!)


Then a trip to blockbuster before coming home and baking meringues

(movies bought include: what happens in Vegas, Made of Honor, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Baby Mama)

Road trip!!

Today I got myself back on the treadmill and then went in to work.

Here's what I ate
Breakfast: banana (2), flatout wrap (1), egg whites (0), light cheddar (2)
Snack: meringues (2)
Lunch: lean cuisine from Buffalo! (7)
Dinner at work: salad with chicken (2), cheese (2), salad spritzer (0), yogurt (1), apple (1), pear (1)
Water: 4L (hey, I have to drink my thousands of crystal lights I bought!)

Tomorrow's plan: treadmill, work, massage, home... all the while staying OP and back to my "4 & 7" plan!

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