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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Time Has Come...

...for a CHANGE! It was time to make over my blog and give it a fresh look. The past week FLEW by and I didn't commit my time here like I had hoped. I was up 0.4lbs on Thursday and have finally changed my ticker to reflect my regression as of late. One of my bridesmaid dresses has come in and I like it. It doesn't show too much cleavage after all (thank god) except for the fact that it's a couple of sizes too large in the chest and is falling off... once I have it taken in it will be much better!

Yesterday was a day all to myself. Something I haven't had since... I don't remember. I went grocery shopping and then spent the rest of the day on the couch. I was a sloth. I ate anything and everything. Today the scale shows it! I did make some healthy choices yesterday though... like my quesadilla. 2 WW tortillas with TONS of peppers (red, orange and yellow), onion, celery and allegro cheese... baked in the oven. I've also made some couscous and steamed some chicken breasts and cut up my watermelon... I'm ready for the week! I also happen to have the whole week off work... I am taking a 2hr cake course on Wednesday but otherwise - BIGGEST LOSER WORKOUT and TREADMILL - here I come!!

Today I've had a "healthy delite" thingy I found at Fortinos. It's essentially a quiche made with egg whites, potato and broccoli or spinach. It's 2 WW points (as per the box!). They have a website ( i believe) but there isn't anything on it. It would be just as easy to make something similar at home. Now I'm going to do the Biggest Loser cardio workout and then alex and i are going for SUSHI and then to the Imax at Ontario Place to see a movie about the great lakes (I live 2min from Ontario Place yet we have not gone to the IMax at all together!).

Today's Summary:
Breakfast - egg quiche thingy (2), ONTARIO strawberries and raspberries (1), watermelon (0)
Lunch - sushi (8), hand rolls (4), miso soup (1), mango ice cream (2?)
Dinner - turkey sub (12), beer (4)
Water - 2L (so far)
Total Points - 34 (eek! they added up today!)
Activity - NIL!

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