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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good Luck (and results)

Decided to bring back a classic and post the four leaf clover to tell us all GOOD LUCK today! I'll be back with the results later... for now I am going on the treadmill for a bit.

I'm back... The results are in. I stayed the same. So much work this week! Although, I am bloated and should feel glad I stayed the same... and it is motivating me to keep going at it and next week I. WILL. BE. DOWN.

This weekend is about to be extremely busy... tomorrow mom, dad and kristen are coming for dinner with alex and i... kristen is staying over. i have to have kristen to the CNE grounds for 6am as she is starting her ride to conquer cancer 2 day (200K) bike ride. she will likely take off around 8am and i will head to hamilton to help michele with Simon's birthday cake (and play with my nephew! yay!). I'll come home saturday evening... sunday alex and I will leave for Niagara falls to watch kristen go over the finish line... then we'll have Simon's FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! He is ONE YEAR OLD on sunday. I can't freaking believe it. It's gone too fast!!!

If I don't post on the weekend... I will on Monday. BUT i will TRY this weekend... I have to make this part of my routine again!

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Tara said...

Oh wow...good luck to Kristen :)
Can you freakin' believe that our little men are 1??? It seems like yesterday that I got the labour call! It's craziness!
And good work staying the same. There's something to be said about how hard it is to accomplish that, never mind losing.
Have a FUN weekend!!! We need to touch base and catch up SOON :)

Love Me