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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mind over matter

Well, I did it. I went on the treadmill again for 45min. I just didn't even give myself an option despite being incredibly tired this morning.... and as a result, tired all day long.

Tonight I am baking chocolate chip cookies and fudge for a meeting at work tomorrow.. I must confess I have had 3 cookies plus some cookie dough. The cookies are small and are whole wheat and I used egg beaters instead of eggs and substituted SOME splenda in for sugar... they actually don't taste bad. Next I have to get everything ready for cake class tomorrow. How I long for an evening where I can stay on the couch and not have a million things to do (note to self - must fix jessica's bridal shower invitations tonight as well and mail them tomorrow).

Here's what I ate today:
Breakfast - shreddies (3), milk (1), flaxseed meal (0)
Lunch - tuna (1), cheese (1), vegetables for salad (0), broccoli (0), ff sour cream dip (1), cottage cheese (2), watermelon (1)
Dinner - veggie burger (3), cheese slice (1), low fat fries (2)
Snacking while baking - cookies (5 maybe?)

We'll see how the scale reacts tomorrow. So far I'm on par with last week... which isn't good, I would like to be DOWN!!!

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