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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Need... SLEEP!

Going to bed... but trying to make sure I post every day here again so I can REACH GOAL WEIGHT IN 08!!!

Today I got up and weighed myself... bloody higher numbers than yesterday! I know I felt bloated and I know I shouldn't get discouraged... but I did. I'm tired of not losing weight at all... even when I make my full on attempts at it.

I'll still go to WI tomorrow and vow not to get too upset when the scale is likely NOT down... since I do have my period.

Also, I still went on the treadmill... told myself to go only for 30min but still did the full 45min instead.

BF - cheerios (2), milk (1), flaxseed (1)
Lunch - salad with chick peas (2) and cheese (1), ff italian (1), yogurt (1), watermelon (2), broccoli (0), ff sour cream dip (1)
Snack - tiny piece of fudge (2 - if that, but I will count 2)
Dinner - chicken breast (3), bagel (2), cheese (1), watermelon (2)
Snack - cookie (2), fudge (3 maybe?)

Had cake class tonight... I'm tired. Next week is the final class until I sign up again in the fall... I can't wait! Things are going to be too busy this summer to actually allow me to enjoy more cake classes... 3 solid months is good, now i'm for a little break!

Good luck tomorrow!

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