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Friday, June 13, 2008

Enough is ENOUGH!

That is it! I have had enough of this!! (by "this" I mean my pathetic attempt at weight loss lately).

Today was the start of my re-focused journey to losing 20-30lbs prior to the September weddings! (30lbs in like 10 weeks? hmmm... maybe 20lbs)

Alex is on his way to go SHOPPING so i have to keep this brief now.

I managed to get myself on the treadmill today! YAY!

Here's what i ate:
BF - cheerios (2), milk (1)
Lunch - chicken breast (3), veggies and ff sour cream dip (1), berry fruit salad (2)
Snack - ww cookie (IN CANADA NOW!! FOUND THEM AT SOBEYS! 1pt), 100cal pack (2)

Now I'm off to eat a HEALTHY dinner at the food court at the mall (shopping for dad mathews' fathers day gift!).

Tara - I WILL email you! i actually thought i HAD done it but realize i must have dreamt i replied to your last one! (but july 26 works!)

1 comment:

Tara said...

Good job Jen!! Back on the wagon we go :) I have not had time to behave myself lately...excuses, excuses. And I refused to run today as it was too damn hot. But I will do better. I need to tone up for this wedding thing coming up!!!
Looking forward to your email :)