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Friday, June 20, 2008

Sleepless in Toronto...

I'm in my room while my baby sister is asleep on my couch. I hope she's asleep. I keep wanting to check on her but I know I have to leave her alone in case she is sleeping. I have decided I got the worst job out of everyone in this ride of hers... I'm the one who has to get her to the starting line... and I'm the one who has to send her out onto the scary road to bike away... when right now all I want to do is lock her up here where i KNOW SHE IS SAFE!!! This is going to be very hard... letting her hit the open road with a bunch of people she doesn't know. Who will take care of my baby sister without me or my parents around? This isn't good... maybe I will drive behind her the whole way and yell at anyone who comes to close to her. I think that is a lovely solution and she will LOVE ME for it!

Yes, I have issues! No wonder it's so hard for parents to let their children grow up... I can't seem to stop taking care of my baby sister!! I'm actually sitting here with some tears in my eyes thinking of having to watch her leave tomorrow and hoping she'll be okay and worrying she'll need something along the way and I won't be there for her!

Okay, enough of that! In happier news... I'll be spending the rest of the day/afternoon with Simon and Michele at least... AND baking/decorating cakes. What a perfect day, really! (We just all need to cross our fingers for good weather for Kristen!).

I've done well with my eating today I would say... As well I got on the treadmill for 45min today!
Breakfast - shreddies (2), milk (1), flaxseed meal (0)
Lunch - salad with cheese (1), salad spritzer (1), broccoli (0), ff sour cream dip (1), nectarine (1)
Dinner - lasagna casserole (6), salad with veggies and salad spritzer (0), cookie and fudge for dessert (6?)

Not too bad for a Friday!

I will update as soon as I can on how Kristen is doing!!!

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