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Saturday, December 13, 2008


This will be quickl... i don't know how long i have internet for. My computer blew up last night. this prompted alex to give me my christmas gift a little early... a PINK LAPTOP!!! i am currently stealing wireless internet from someone nearby. I'll have to decide what sort of internet i'm going to get (maybe that rogers stick?)... then go from there. i must say, it's rather cool being on the internet while on the couch.

i didn't get on the treadmill yesterday. i'm going to go on later today and the rest of the week. yesterday i wasn't feeling well in the morning and didn't sleep well thursday night... but i will get back on track. it's amazing how off track i feel after only missing one day. Last night Alex and I grabbed subway for dinner... ask me how happy I was! I LOVE when he is agreeable to getting subs for dinner. I really can't get enough subway! Happy weekend to all! today my plan is to finish baking some cupcakes (i had a cupcake order for today... extra money is good)... bake some cookies, do some shopping, do some jogging... maybe research some wireless internet... tomorrow will be TREADMILL in the morning and working 3:30 to 11:30. Next weekend is the sibley family christmas... i can't wait! If i get internet again i'll be back!

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