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Monday, December 08, 2008

Another Monday down...

Another weekend down... another weekend closer to my favourite day of the year (which is actually Christmas eve in case anyone is curious!).

This weekend was another busy one. Saturday getting my hair coloured first thing in the morning then baking all day (lemon squares, caramel shortbread squares, ginger white chocolate squares, rum balls, 2 kinds of almond bark and meringues)... then out to dinner Saturday night. Yesterday I got up early and made a weekend stop on the treadmill then went to Pontypool to put the baked goods in the freezer at mom and dad's house and drop off Chicklet... then I went to a friend's house to watch Christmas specials all day (it's an annual thing for us since we lived together)... then back to Pontypool for a quick visit and pick up the pup... and back to my place. I was home by 11:30 I think.

Today was back on the treadmill, doing dishes that got missed from the weekend, cleaning the bird's cage, cleaning the vacuum, cleaning the bathroom... and cleaning/organizing my closet... then off to work at 12:30! I have been slightly increasing the intensity on the treadmill... ever so slowly!

I ate less today because I pigged out all weekend basically! so...

Monday Food
Breakfast: 2pc ww toast (1), 1 wedge light laughing cow cheese (1), 2 tangerines (1)
Lunch: smart ones baked ziti (6)
afternoon snack: 100cal almonds (2)
Dinner: salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber (0), turkey pepperette (1), allegro cheese (1), salad spritzer 20sprays (1), yogurt (1), apple (1), dried apple (0)
Bedtime snack: tea with splenda and splash of skim milk (0)
Total points: 16
Water: 5L

Happy Tuesday... when there will only be 16 days until Christmas! YAY!!!!!

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