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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The clock is ticking...

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas (still need to make cards, mail them, bake a million more things, finish Simon's blanket I'm crocheting... oh, and do my Christmas shopping and wrap presents! I can get it all done, I'm not worried)

So, yesterday ended up being exactly what I have dreamed of for 17 months. Michele asked me on Monday (last minute thing) if I could babysit last night so her and Jacob could finally go to dinner (before Jacob leaves again on business). I suggested Simon stay home from daycare and I just spend the day with him... then I don't have to drive from Whitby to Hamilton after work and Michele doesn't have to worry about going and getting Simon from daycare... she could just come home and get ready to go out. Michele was all for it! I left my place at 6am, arrived in Hamilton at 7am... just as my cool little nephew woke up... and I was there with him until 11pm (got home at midnight). I was there for his every waking moment. I was in heaven. He is smarter than I ever realized... he mimics everything he hears right now. He says "AUNT JEN" (although I haven't heard it... everyone else has. When I ask him to say it he just smiles and points at me). Most of the time you actually can understand what he's trying to tell you... the child is 17 months old and is putting together simple sentences (are Michele and Jacob in for it later? probably! He is very opinionated! Luckily, very good spirited)... but then he goes into babble mode and you can just get a fragment of what he's saying (usually he is telling a story about 'mama', 'daddy' or 'poppa'). I was very sad when I put him down to bed... before I put him in his crib I already missed him (and did NOT want to put him down)... BUT, I know I'll be seeing him in 2 1/2 weeks for the Sibley Christmas... AND I have been asked to babysit OVERNIGHT on the 29th!!! Hooray!!! Michele and Jacob are going away together for the very first time since he was born... long overdue! It's a surprise for Jacob for his birthday. No doubt he will love it.

I watched Biggest Loser once Simon was in bed. I stand by all previous opinions of the people who are idiots... and now I'm cheering on Michelle.

Yesterday and today were not successful treadmill days. I had to leave my place at 6am yesterday... set the alarm for 4:30 in case I could muster up energy to go on the treadmill. Not bloody likely. Today... going on 5 hours of sleep... treadmill wasn't happening. I'll go on tomorrow morning likely... although, I always struggle with whether or not I should jog on weigh in day.

Tonight I crocheted more of Simon's blanket I'm making him for Christmas (when it's done I will post photos)... and baked a couple more Christmas items! I'm slowly checking things off my list... the big finale will be the Santa Bear 3D cake I'm baking and decorating (photos will follow for that one too!).

So, my dear friend Tara has her house now... I hope it's all going well!!!

Too tired to post what I ate... it's typical of most days though, so just refer back to Monday or Wednesday of last week.

Good luck tomorrow... I have NO idea where I stand given how much I ate on the weekend and my lack of activity... and my period (oops, you didn't want to know that, did you).

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