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Friday, January 05, 2007

Keep on Movin'... Don't stop!

Well, my first day of my New Year and all it's resolutions. So far, so good! (except for not getting on the treadmill today, but i've got a back up plan!) I'm feeling wide awake. It probably doesn't hurt that I was so groggy this morning that i mistakenly put instant coffee on my oatmeal instead of my flax seed! oops! i'm awake now!! (yes, i still ate the oatmeal!).

here's today's menu thus far:

*oatmeal (2)
*flax seed (0)
*1 tsp instant coffee (0)
*hot chocolate (1)
*coffee mate, 1 tbsp (1)
*2 tangerines (1)

Snack, AM:
*3/4 c. multi grain cheerios (2)

*chicken broth, via bouillon cube (0)
*2 tangerines (1)

Dinner... who knows! haven't spoken to the boyfriend yet!!

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