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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another weekend over...

well, the weekend is pretty much over... although i still have to get this sad butt of mine into the treadmill, make some soup... and i had planned on baking tara's muffin recipe (just like i've been planning to do for the past 5 days!) and maybe bake some chocolate chip cookies and some peanut butter cookies... the peanut butter cookies are so simple. 1 cup light PB, 1/2 cup sugar, and 1 egg... so simple!!

this weekend consisted of:

Friday: alex and i stayed in and ordered pizza. the new EDGE VEGGIE from pizza hut is a WW DREAM COME TRUE in my opinion! 8 points for HALF the entire pizza! i ordered my pizza and alex ordered his... and we were able to enjoy pizza hut (which i haven't enjoyed in about a year and a half). we also watched some of his chapelle show dvd (and i kindly fell asleep... although i do find some chapelle show funny).

Saturday: got myself on the treadmill, showered, packed, home to pontypool, to Steph's Grandpa's funeral and then to the luncheon afterwards at the legion.... it was so sad. i had been speaking to steph earlier in the week and i think she was still in shock and wasn't so emotional yet... but she had a tough time on saturday. it broke my heart to see her so sad because i so freshly remember how much it hurts... after some people started leaving the luncheon dad, mom, and myself went and sat with steph and her family (they had been sitting all of the family together at a big table)... poor steph was crying... i wouldn't help but sit there with my arm around her and cry with her... because i know it's sinking in and so overwhelming. i just wish i could take away the pain for her.

after the luncheon i went home with mom and dad and we watched a movie and ate dinner and i fell asleep on the couch (i do NOT stay up late anymore! i'm so sad and old!).

Sunday: woke up in pontypool, had breakfast, watched a movie with mom and dad, then headed out... stopped at michael's craft store to get some stuff for the craft alex and i are embarking on (details later - i'm too lazy to explain it!)... came home, fell asleep on the couch... went out and did my grocery shopping... and here i am! just about to get myself on the treadmill!

i decided to try something new today... i had them at mom's and went out and bought them myself ($1.99 at superstore this week). They're called QUAKER CRISPY DELIGHTS and they're 2pts for a pkg... unfortunately i can't find a picture of them online at this point! but you can get them with chocolate drizzle on them or a cinnamon bun flavour (haven't tried that one, but that's what i bought).

happy week everyone!

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