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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fatty Patty... that's me!!

okay, so i went to WI tonight and was up SIX FRIGGIN POUNDS! holy MOLY! the good news (being the eternal optimist that i am), if i'm being honest - i'm already down EIGHT pounds since new years day... so i know i'll be okay.

Tomorrow marks the first day of my new years resolutions. wouldn't you know it? my cold is getting worse before it gets better. i'm going to get to bed in a few minutes in hopes of getting a good nights sleep and trying the treadmill in the morning. if that doesn't work i'm relying on the weekend with sleeping in and then getting on the treadmill in the afternoon when i tend to feel best right now. but cross your fingers for me that i'll feel well in the morning! my weigh in tonight was the kick in the butt i needed to get back on track!!!

well kids, it's 10:20... do you know where YOUR boyfriend is? because i don't know where mine is! i've only talked to him once today for a few minutes while we were both taking lunch breaks at work... if you see my boyfriend... the hottest boy on earth... please direct him to call his cute (yet expanding) girlfriend!!! i mean, look at this mug? who wouldn't want to call me? HEEHEE!!

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