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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just keep jogging, just keep jogging...

okay first things first - i am LOVING tara's muffin recipe! I have made 2 batches now, since realizing i ate TWO muffins sunday, yesterday, and will today... since i have the morning off work i decided to get ahead of the game and make another dozen. they are delicious! i will post the recipe later (thanks tara!!)

also, i would now like to make it official... in the mornings i am up to jogging 4.4K! i've been doing it since saturday... so i think i will make that my new distance... i'm well on my way to jogging 5K in 40min (my goal by the late spring).

also, i made the broccoli/cauliflower soup recipe on sunday... i had forgotten how yummy it is. it's so simple. here's the recipe

*Cook 1 head broccoli and 1 head cauliflower in 3 cups of water.
*once they're cooked, keep them in the water and mash them (i recommend mashing them as much as you can to make a thicker soup, rather than a thinner soup with chunks of veg's)
*add 1 tin fat free evaporated milk
*add 1 tin full of skim milk (use the empty evaporated milk tin)
*add 1 pkg cream of broccoli OR cream of cauliflower soup mix

and there you have it! once i've added all the ingredients i let it simmer on the stove for probably 10-15min.
1 cup soup = 1pt
recipe makes approx 10 servings!

NOTE: i don't actually use fresh vegetables.. i use HALF a bag of frozen ones.

alex and i went to the raptors game last night. it was fun. final score:

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Aren't those muffins AWESOME!! I have to keep them in the freezer or I'd eat them all in one day!
You're gettin' good at that jogging stuff!! I'm so proud of you :)
And the Raptors game looked fun...I'll have to live vicarously through you!
I like checking in so keep blogging!
PS. That soup recipe looks yummy. Will have to get ingredients on the next grocery trip!