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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Wake Up With Me

Care to know my morning routine?

6:15am – Alarm goes off

6:30am – Get out of bed and take care of some business

6:45am – Walk down the hall towards the office


Walk past the guest room. Does it look like someone uses that room?  Someone does.  A little 4-legged someone named Chicklet.  She has claimed the room as her own… particularly the bed


Then, I walk in to the office and this is what I see waiting for me


I take a seat here (after I remove the fancy law scale pillow)


I enjoy my view… watching people on my street leave early for their long drive in to Toronto for work


Usually I watch Friends on DVD (go ahead, laugh!) to pass the time while biking.  Today I actually biked later in the day (hence the sun shining!  It’s usually still dark when I’m getting on the bike these days). I wanted to bike longer and felt like watching a movie.  What was on tap?



I watched 1 hour of it (while biking!).  My butt was numb and when I stood up my legs were so tight I could barely walk.  It felt awesome.

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