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Sunday, July 03, 2011

What a weekend!

The Canada day weekend is coming to a close.  So sad.  T minus 3 1/2 weeks until I’m off for a week and a half (not that I’m wishing the summer away).

Yesterday started with a simple classic breakfast


Decided to jazz it up…


Then it was off to the city for a little Toronto Blue Jays vs. the Phillies


They lost.

By the time we got home and my parents headed out (they went with us to the game) I didn’t feel like cooking dinner… so we had Indian take out!


I’m sad to say I also ingested a strawberry milkshake from Lick’s while we waited for the food. 

Today the in laws came over and brought Vietnamese food (as well as more homemade Indian food… add that to the leftovers from last night as well as the Vietnamese leftovers and we have food for a week!).  I made a couple of desserts.

I turned this…


in to this…


So pretty from the top


Cherries and Kiwis go well together in my opinion!  The salad also contained local strawberries!


I also made a splenda recipe (Cinnamon streusel coffee cake – but added a banana to the recipe)


Now I’m off to decide what food to eat for dinner… and maybe plan meals and exercise for the week!  Happy July!

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