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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Scale Tale

As of late, the accuracy of my scale has seemed much more important.  The last few weeks I’ve been working hard, logging my food in my food diary and trying to exercise.  I’d love to lose 20lbs by the end of the month when we head to Chicago to see my sister and her family. 

I bought a relatively cheap scale last year.  I thought because it was a well known brand, it would be okay (despite being cheap).  Turns out, this is not the case.  You could step off the scale and back on within 10 seconds and have a 3-5lb difference.  Not cool.  I put up with it (truth be told, I’d step on 3 times each day and accept the lowest number as my official weigh in)… until one day I woke up, expecting great results after a week of exercising and sticking to my calorie budget… and the scale had me up 12lbs!  I decided not to let it ruin my day, eat well and exercise… and the next day the scale had me up 7 more pounds! What is that?

Forget that!  I stopped at the store a few days later and got myself my new scale.


This scale has been great.  It’s been completely accurate and always gives me the same number (no matter where I place my feet, whether my weight is shifted or no matter where my hands are placed).  It sucks sometimes because it’s brutally honest, but it’s what I need… this scale won’t lie to me.

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