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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Strawberry Cheesecake Waffles

Today I woke up and decided to make some waffles.  In fact, I gave A two of them, had 1 for myself… and made extras to heat up for breakfasts for the week.  Think I made enough?


I put some light cream cheese and strawberry rhubarb jam on mine to make it a cheesecake breakfast!




I left from breakfast and went to my parents’ house, then went to Costco with my mom.  I couldn’t help but buy a couple of things at Angie’s recommendation.


I’ve already tasted them… and I have to admit, every WORD Angie says about them is correct.  The combo (which she calls “hummus de gallo” I believe) is nothing short of divine.

My mom bought a case of gum and gave me a pack to try


I bought a case of this (I didn’t know I would like this flavour… but it’s so nice and refreshing!)


I came home by dinner and we tackled building a flower bed in the back yard.  I took on the task of shovelling the grass (I wanted to SWEAT and burn some cals!).  What a workout!  Pics of the back yard to come another time… but I will leave you with a new pic of my rhododendron. I think it’s beautiful.  And on this, the 2nd anniversary of the day I lost my grandmother… I can’t help but think how much she would love this flower.  It’s her favourite colour ever.


Miss you Grandma Pearl


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