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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My favourite things

I’m a little behind in blogging (again).  Oops.  Must. Not. Fall. Behind!

I decided to dedicate this post to a few of my favourite things as of late. 

My first favourite thing? My childhood friend, Tara, is back to blogging!  Please go check her out!!  I’m so excited to have her back!

Favourite treats as of late…

Waffles with cream cheese and jam…


Chocolate cheesecake waffles – waffles with light cream cheese mixed with a little bit of chocolate syrup (Alex buys a kind with less sugar)


Sugar free banana/oatmeal/apple bread topped with banana mashed with PB.  SO GOOD.


And finally… chocolate cherry banana soft serve.  Frozen banana, frozen (pitted) cherries and cocoa powder.  When a certain cohabitant is eating his ice cream, I am eating this now.




Favourite snacks:

raw broccoli dipped in fat free ranch dressing with Frank’s buffalo wing sauce


Salsa, hummus and cheese in a wrap.  Specifically Penny’s Pico De Gallo salsa (thanks to Angie for introducing me to it!) – holy goodness.  I eat it with Sabra hummus.



Favourite pasta sauce… my late grandmother’s top secret recipe.  She literally left it for my mom in her will (she’s so funny).  I wish I could share it with you, but my grandma would NOT be happy with me.  I made it for the first time the other night… it was a hit!



Favourite summer meal… BBQ!!



Favourite crazy dinner of the summer so far… lobster, cooked by me for the first time!



I can’t end this post without sending my heartfelt best wishes to Susan. Her story is a reminder that life isn’t fair, but she will prove to all of us that Cancer can be beaten.

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