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Sunday, June 05, 2011

My first RibFest

My first weigh in today since feeling back on track and blogging. 

Down 8.8lbs!

Today started out with a headache, which resulted in a sick call to work (My work is done primarily over the phone and I stare at a computer screen all day.  Headaches = not being able to do my job).  A ended up coming home early and my headache was pretty much gone, so he asked if I wanted to run over to the Pickering Ribfest. Can you believe I have NEVER been to a ribfest in my life?  True story.  Maybe it’s because I don’t like ribs.  I heard a rumour that they serve chicken there though… and funnel cakes, ice cream, onion blossoms, fries, poutine, butterfly fries, Caribbean food, roasted corn, fudge, chocolate, slushies, cotton candy, hot dogs, hamburgers… and more!

It was a beautifully sunny day here and it wasn’t too hot or cold, so I agreed to venture out (thanks to the pain killers and water that helped my headache… and maybe the nap).

I bring you… my first ribfest








A had a half rack of ribs and I had HALF a chicken!  We got our lunch from Billy Bones BBQ (and had some fresh squeezed lemonade with it).  It was SO good.  Sitting in the warm sun, enjoying some freshly grilled (and saucy) food… it was a perfect Friday afternoon. Once we ate, we walked around some and then grabbed food to bring home.  In hindsight, we brought home way too much food.  We came home with half a chicken and a full rack of ribs from Billy Bones (we loved their sauce SO much! And then the same order from another place.  So, we have 2 full racks of ribs and a whole chicken.  Oh, and if that wasn’t enough?  We splurged on an Onion blossom.  As of now, A has eaten another half rack of ribs and I have eaten 1/4 chicken… and we’ve devoured a good half of that onion blossom. 

It’s all good.  I’ve been good at restricting my calories this week (and for one reason or another I’m down 8.8lbs since Monday – when I stepped on the scale for the first time in weeks). I’ve decided Friday and Saturday OR Sunday will be higher calorie days.

Today started with a banana & PB wrap



And a little bit of puppy watching


It’s funny, I don’t know what happened to the puppy I brought home over 8 years ago now, but she was BLACK.  This dog has somehow developed some RED in her fur.  I swear, she loves to sunbathe so much that it’s changing her hair colour


Do you see it?

This weekend’s plan is to hopefully FINALLY work on my flower beds and eat a LOT of leftovers.  Currently in the fridge we have to eat 1 1/2 racks of ribs, 3/4 chicken, 3 huge Black Bean & Sweet Potato Enchiladas (which, remember, are big ones, so really they are equivalent to having 6 enchiladas in the fridge), leftover spicy black bean soup and leftover stir fry from last night (which I did take photos of, but will blog about it later).  I also bought a LOT of fruit tonight, so I intend on making some glorious fruit salads for the week!

Whatever your plans, make it a great one!

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