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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I better kick it up a notch here...

everyone I talk to seems to be finding it difficult to find motivation... i don't know why this summer is so tough for myself and everyone around me. My day started out well... but then I went for sushi with Alex for dinner... you really don't realize how many points/calories can add up with sushi. all that rice i suppose... I managed to stay away from anything fried all together and tried to get mostly hand rolls... then i came home and ate CHOCOLATE CHIPS! What is up with that? I had a headache and despite taking 4 advils... by 9pm I gave up on any hope of my biggest loser workout.

What is wrong with me?

needless to say, no biggest loser workout today. I think I'm nervous to do it in the morning out of fear I won't have the energy for it... still, I can adapt. I can not try as hard until I get the swing of it for 6am workouts. I think I will try that.

Today's Summary (guessing though due to dinner out):
Breakfast - watermelon (1)
Lunch - salad with tuna (1), cheese (1), ff italian (1); yogurt (1); berries (1)
Dinner - handrolls (10), sushi (5)
Snack - chocolate chips (4)
Total: 25 (thank god I had eaten very light for breakfast and lunch otherwise today could have been a worse disaster)
Water: 3.5L
Activity - NIL (damn! bad girl!)

Tomorrow's goal: Biggest Loser cardio in AM! I CAN DO IT!!!

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