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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Veggie Tales


Who doesn’t love veggies?  I love colourful veggies.  More on that later.

Yesterday I decided to make some sort of chia pudding concoction.  I’ve used chia seeds in my morning smoothie but I’ve never tried soaking them in water.  That’s exactly what I did last night.  I mixed 1/3c chia seeds in 2c water with some cinnamon and a little honey.  I decided to mix them in with oatmeal this morning (oatmeal made with my own homemade honey almond butter)… and just to be fancy (and copy many others out there) I layered them and stuck some pear wedges in them.



I ate the rest of the pear on the side.  The whole thing was delicious and filling.

My AM snack was an apple


My lunch was a delicious salad





My afternoon snack was some PC Greek yogurt


Dinner was a stir fry FULL of veggies and some boneless skinless chicken breast with teriyaki sauce



I LOVE colourful food



For more specifics on what I ate today… remember to check out my food diary!

I leave you with one more photo.  I bought these 3 weeks ago when I was intrigued by this new, fabulous flavour.  I have yet to open them or try them.  I am a binge eater so I fear once I open them I will over indulge.  Once I feel I have total control, I may try them.  For now… it’s a slippery slope!



Anne said...

I just did a post about those chips! So good!!
I ate them all in two days! At least they are baked, right ? ;)

body lift said...

I like your choice. These foods are really awesome. Thanks for shared these pictures.

Susie said...

Have you tried the chips yet?? I so cannot buy chips, OK OK SHOULD NOT buy chips! Those are a major trigger food for me!