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Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Gone By

You know what I did today:

•cleaned the basement
•shopped for a new kitchen table
•had my first steaming hot bath in a year
•slept in
•cuddled with my baby boy

I didn't cook all weekend. We had leftover coconut chicken curry that I made Friday.

I bought a couple of new k cups this weekend.  And I love them!!

Overall, I've been making healthier choices and managing to stay away from sweets.  Last night was an exception.  I had light vanilla ice cream & made my own crackle sauce with melted coconut oil & some chocolate chips.  Holy moly was it good! Unfortunately I don't appear to have taken a photo!

I think this week's goal will be to get my water in every day.  And get my step count up to 5000.  As of now I'm only getting in about 2500 a day!!

Make it a great week!!

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